10 cosplayers conquer networks with daring outfits


Alyson Tabbitha can transform into any character from the comics and the television. Since he was small, his mother used to disfrazarla on Halloween, and special occasions. Thus was born his love for the art of disguise

After experimenting with different styles, decided to dive into the cosplay professional in 2014. Since then, he has created a base of fans to reach 497 thousand followers in Instagram and 121 subscribers on You Tube.

The Florida native, united States, surprises with its characterizations of Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhandsbut conquest to his followers when he dresses as Wonder Woman or ‘The little Mermaid’.

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She is not the only cosplayer that wins the social networks. Jennifer Van Damsel presumed to be their ‘curves of fantasy’ in costumes ultra ‘hot’. Supergirl and Princess Peach captivate 165 thousand followers on Instagram.

The texan Amouranth he rose to fame by dressing up as superheroínas, anime characters and stars of television series. The youth performed skits, videos, and conventions attired characters as Catwoman, Harley Quinn and even dressed like the protagonists of Game of Thrones.

A detail remains captive to its more than 400 thousand followers: Amouranth designs her own costumes with a high degree of sensuality and takes it to another level by posing for the cameras. Even nude photography and topless.

In our gallery, meet 10 cosplayers have to head to the network with their sexy costumes.

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