10 tapes of Kathryn Bigelow, the only woman who has won the Oscar for Best Director

It is absurd, but many people think that women can’t do action movie or simply do not enjoy this genre. But Kathryn Bigelow he has quiet the mouth everyone in Hollywood and has become the queen of this type of movies, showing that the explosions and adrenaline to fuel his own.

Born in San Carlos, California, Kathryn Bigelow studied painting at the Art Institute of San Francisco. After, he won a scholarship and moved to New York, where he changed the brushes for the film. His first film was the short film The Set-Up (1978), where he explored the theme of violence, something he would see in his later work.

To celebrate the birthday #68 of this talented filmmaker here are some of his best movies:

1. The Hurt Locker (Zone of fear, 2008)

This tape was the one that gave the Oscar to Kathryn Bigelow; until now, she is the first and only woman to have obtained this statuette in the category Best Direction. In this film we see a military unit expert in explosives plunged into the full area of the iraqi war. After the death of the leader of the group, comes to the team the foolhardy and reckless, William James (Jeremy Renner), who will endanger his companions and their conduct.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

2. Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Based on the true story behind the operation that ended the life of Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda, this film focuses on the special agent Maya (Jessica Chastain), in charge of the mission. The title of the story refers to the exact time that the command SEAL he entered the residence of the terrorist.

Photo: Columbia Pictures Industries

3. Point Break (Point break, 1991)

In this tape we see Johnny (Keanu Reeves), a rebellious young man who joins the FBI and receives the mission to infiltrate a team of athletes of extreme sports, led by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Only 4 women directors of film have been nominated for an Oscar

4. Detroit (Detroit: Area of conflict, 2017)

This film tells the real story of the racial riots that rocked the city of Detroit in 1967. The conflict began a a raid on a bar night and climbed up to one of the riots more violent in the united States.

Detroit, Area of conflict,

Photo: Annapurna Pictures

5. Strange Days (Strange days,1995)

Two days from the arrival of the new millennium, we meet Lenny, a police officer expelled from the Force, which is now dedicated to sell a few new clips that reproduce the experiences of other people.

Photo: Lightstorm Entertainment

6. Near Dark (When darkness falls, 1987)

After being seduced by a girl, a cowboy realizes that he has been bitten by a vampire. No more options to continue with your life, you must join this new race that feeds on blood, and wanders the night in search of victims.

Near Dark, When darkness falls,

Photo: Near Dark Joint Venture

7. K-19 (K-19: The Widowmaker, 2012)

Regarded as a man trusted by his subordinates, the Mihhail Polenin (Liam Neeson), is the captain of the submarine with greater experience of the Navy of the soviet union. However, it is replaced by captain Alexei Vostrikov (Harrison Ford), an officer with an iron will, until that happens, a serious accident on board.

K-19, K-19: The Widowmaker,

Photo: Paramount Pictures

8. Blue Steel (Steel Blue, 1989)

During its first patrol, the police officer Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis) kills a thief in the middle of an assault at a grocery store. When the gun of the robber disappears from the scene, the agent is supendida and begins to be harassed by one of the witnesses to the robbery.

Blue Steel, Blue Steel,

Photo: Lightning Pictures

9. The Loveless (1982)

The protagonist of the film is of Vance (Willem Dafoe), who runs a band of motorcyclists who little by little is enemistando with the local villagers. This is one of the first tapes of Kathryn Bigelow, even though it was criticised for its lack of argument.

the loveless, williem dafoe

Photo: Pioneer Films

10. The Weight of Water (The weight of the water, 2000)

The reporter photo by Jean Janes (Catherine McCormack) comes to an island, located off the coast of New Hampshire, to investigate a brutal murder from the past. Although a man was hanged for this horrible crime, he always said he was innocent what Was he telling the truth?

Photo: Lions Gate Entertainment

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