10 things we know about “Doctor Sleep,” the sequel to “The shining”

One of the best horror movies in history is The Shining (The Glow). After 39 years, we finally know what happened to Danny Torrance after leaving the Overlook Hotel, thanks to the sequel of this history, Doctor Sleep (Doctor Sleepalready premiered in Mexico.

The shining was written in 1977 and immediately became a best seller. The film adaptation, released in 1980, fared poorly at the box office or with the critics initially, but over the years became a classic of the horror genre.

doDoctor Sleep to meet expectations? If you have not seen we’ll leave you 10 facts about this sequel Stephen King:

1. We must all of your success to IT

Warner Bros. began developing the film adaptation of Doctor Sleep from 2014. However, the project truly took off after the full house of It (That), another adaptation of Stephen King.

2. A good director

The direction of this project was in charge of Mike Flanagan, director of The curse of Hill House. After seeing the horror story on Netflix, we can’t think of anyone more appropriate to give life to the universe Doctor Sleep.

3. Stephen King decided to write the sequel thanks to Twitter

Although the idea of a sequel The glow already hovered around the head of the writer, were the fans who decided to pursue it. Stephen King did a survey on his official website asking his followers if his next book should be Doctor Sleep or a new delivery of the saga the Dark Tower. He won the first choice, with a margin of 49 votes.

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4. In Doctor Sleep we see Danny Torrance adult

Actor Ewan McGregor plays Danny Torrance in his adult version. In this new stage of his life, Danny has fallen in the alcoholism to suppress his visions, but soon realizes that you can use them for good.

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5. What is True Knot?

Danny discovers the existence of the True Knot, a group of psychics with the same abilities as him. This organization is “feeds” the energy of other psychics when they die in a way painful, so they are the main villains of the plot.

The children of “The Glow” to almost 40 years of the premiere of the classic Kubrick

6. Returning some characters, but not their actors

In the sequel to return some characters that we saw in The Glow, but they are interpreted by different actors to the original. Alex Essoe took the legendary role of Wendy Torrance, replacing Shelley Duvall. Carl Lumbly is Dick Hallorann, the chef of the Overlook Hotel.

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7. New faces in Doctor Sleep

In addition to the characters already mentioned, the cast is joined by Rebecca Ferguson as Rose The Hat, leader of the True Knot. We also see the young Kyleigh Curran as Open Stone, the small niece of Danny Torrance.

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8. It is a film for adults

You had commented that you could have a rating for adults, but in Mexico, aged 15 years and older can enter to see Doctor Sleep.

9. Other candidates

Before you choose to Ewan McGregor, Mike Flanagan made that Dan Stevens (Legion), Chris Evans (Captain America), Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Jeremy Renner (The Avengers) audicionaran for the role. What would you have liked to see any of them in the role?

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10. Doctor Sleep has a relationship with The shining, but Stephen King does not agree

The famous writer never liked the film adaptation of the Shining. Stephen King wrote Doctor Sleep as a sequel to his novel, not the movie. But Mike Flanagan believes the tape of Stanley Kubrick “one of the best horror movies of the history”, so you know that your version would be linked with the first delivery.


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