A classic film of the 90’s will have series spinoff

One of the films that marked a whole generation in the ‘ 90s will return to the small screen… again! But this will be a spinoff, ‘Clueless’ would have a new series for CBS TV, and although it will have the same characters, the story will focus on one of the side to tell the new story.

The successful film was released in 1995 and featured major actors such as Alicia Silverstone, Stacy Dash, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd. In it he tells the story of Cher Horowitz (Silverstone) and Dionne Davenport (Dash) who attend a private high school in Beverly Hills, the two are the most popular of the place, and in an attempt to help the homeless, Cher wants to transform the shy Tai (Murphy) and in one of them.

According to Deadlinethe series will have a duration of one hour and will be more dramatic than the original, where Dionne will have to deal with the success of being the most popular girl of the school, in addition to investigating the whereabouts of her friend Cher, who is missing.

In 1996 he released a series of half-hour duration, which lasted three seasons, which, although not attended with the same success of the film, she has had a good reception from the public. Perhaps it was due to that Silverstone was not part of the new production to be busy on other projects, but Dash if he returned to reprise his role.


CBS TV has the rights on everything that is done on television related to ‘Clueless’, while the film was produced by Paramount. It is possible to transmit CW, since CBS is one of the major suppliers.

‘Clueless’ would have a new series, but it is not yet known who might be the actors involved, what we do know is that Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey (‘Will & Grace’) will be the writers, so the humor will be part of the new production.

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