Amaral select their songs for the week with topics of Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran or Lana del Rey | Music

Jump to the colorthe eighth studio album from Amaral, he was number 1 in sales in the week of its release and is already Gold record. Our Timehis last video clip, it is recorded before 70,000 people in Zaragoza. Last Saturday, 21, they would have been in the Wizink to 15,000 people in one of the concerts more special of their tour. However, in the current circumstances, Eve made the concert online, which was followed by 25,000 people in direct and totted up 100,000 hits in a couple of hours. This concert Wizink will be the next 19th of September. In these days, there’s more to listen to, if possible, by the duo of zaragoza I suggest seven great songs for “another pull palante, you know what they say… and that he will reign in the end the calm that I’ve never had“.


DUA LIPASwam song. “Swan Song we like from the first time we heard it. And we especially like the different remixes that have been done of this song that prove that sometimes a good remix can even raise the level of an original song.” Biarritz, a theme that is recovered for your album Black Cat Red Dragon, was originally Days of Wine and Roses, the previous band Juan Aguirrewhile Eve played drums on White Flag and was the soloist Acid Rain. On this disk, for the first time, John was the main voice on the topic It’s just a song.

ED SHEERANPhotograph. “It’s one of those songs that we believe will become a classic and shows that Ed Sheeran it is one of the best composers of recent times.” In his first bowling, Amaral they played versions of The Waterboys or Patti Smithwithout knowing that decades after Eva narraría a story about the life of the iconic singer in the waves. During his career, I have covered topics such as Backof Nacha Pop, Media Veronicaof Calamaro, The night that the moon came out lateof 091or Nothingof Cecilia, among others.

LADY GAGAPerfect Illusion. “It’s a song that he wrote with Kevin Parkerof Tame Impalaone of our favourite bands, and reminds us of some classic songs of the 60’s by the power that has, by the way of singing and his production.” For the first album Amaral, were put in the wise hands of the great Pancho Varona. Among the collaborations that have emerged in these years, we remember Good Girlwith The Secrets, Escapewith Moby, 80with The Pirates, Without knowing how to saywith Ariel Rot, I lovewith León Benaventeand as many others as the one that took place with East of Eden, in which disk Eva added her voice on the topic Naive and John his guitar in A Simple Song.

MICHAEL KIWANUKA – Cold Little Heart. “It is an impressive theme, with the air of a modern classic. In addition, it is the song that sounds at the head of the series Big Little Lies, a number more than recommended.” Sea starhis third album, was his breakthrough internationally. Received the platinum disc of the hands of Lenny Kravitzat that telonearon in Barcelona. Eva had to open to Bob Dylan solo with her acoustic guitar since John suffered an injury, but was dropped at some time or other with his harmonica. Years later, versionarían your classic To Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall (as it did Joan Baez), as it was the official song of the Expo Zaragoza in 2008.

LANA DEL REYVenice Bitch. “We like a lot Lana del Reyit has a lot of songs beautiful, but his latest album highlight Venice Bitch for your air of the 60s.” Eva starred in the short film on gender-based violence, Flowers for Maika, which had its theme Run Out. Your version of If you don’t come backof Miguel Bosénext to Chetespart of the soundtrack of the film Side effects. For Nocturnal, recovered Night of knives, who composed for the film Another Short Film With Children.

TAME IMPALA – Bordeline. “We always have liked it very much, and we really like how they have been evolving gradually towards the electronic music.” Its more facet of fight can be heard in Mousetrap, in whose video, with illustrations of Alberto González Vázquez, critical of the political situation. And your facet more international in Italian versions Senza te non sono niente (Without You I Am Nothing, which also has a version in French) or in English Sea Star (Sea star).

CARIBOUNever come back. “Caribou it is a canadian project of electronic music very interesting. The last disc, SuddenlyI recommend the song Never Come Back.” We have provided great contributions in the direct, as Flamenconext to The Crowns, There Where We Used To Shoutnext to Love of Lesbianor The wind next to Bunburyto name a few. The Greek singer Elefthería Arvanitáki gave a version of The Universe On Me in their own language. Strange to say the least.


At The Endof Amaral. The soundtrack of No Te Fallaré had with this great song.

Beyondof The Law. With Beto Cuevas there was a new version of its successful I Need You in the remake of Sea star for Latin america, but also this collaboration.

A Brand New Worldof Sexy Sadie. Juan Aguirre collaborated in the concert Hall Arena. Jaime G. Sorianothe voice of the legendary band, had the Eve in their solo project, Mr. Nobodyin the song My head hurts.

Thirteen. Amaral went up to his channel on YouTube this version of Big Star that deserves to be heard.

If You Are Wellof Amaral. Perhaps one of its best versions is found in the EP Granadathat was recorded in his own studio, and contains four tracks, including this version of The Planets.

Giantof Deluxe. For giant this collaboration that we have rescued.

Sometimesof Amaro Ferreiro. A real jewel of 2007.