Amouranth was suspended on Twitch for the second time

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Twitch applied to the cosplayer and streamer IRL Amouranth the second suspension of his channel, reported yesterday StreamerBans on Twitter.

Amouranth was banned of Twitch in September 2019, for “nudity accidental” when her skirt slid to one side, exposing themselves to spectators. This incident violated the terms of service of Twitch, which prohibits nudity and the clothing is sexually suggestive.

It is not known why Amouranth was banned this time, but Twitch tends to be more severe in their penalties after the first suspension. Amouranth even said that she was not sure why he had been sanctioned, according to a posting on Discord.

“Hello everyone, I have been told that I am being suspended for something that happened during a broadcast of gymnastics last week,” noted the posting. “I have not yet seen the vod … waiting for me to show in order to appeal. I don’t have much more information than that. As long as it can be are three days”, he added.

This article was originally published in English by Preston Byers on march 13, 2020.