Angelina Jolie donates million for the redemption of the son in the middle of a pandemic – prism

Scared to death, with the multi-coronavirus, Angelina Jolie has done it all, to be alone with his children in his house in California.

So much So that the actress has to get a private plane, your elder son, adopted by her and Brad Pitt, Maddox Jolie-Pitt. The 18-year-old, he went to live with their mother and their brothers, in the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus.

Maddox living and studying at the University of Yonsei in Seoul, South Korea.

Last Friday (21.), South Korea has recorded more than 9,000 cases, the positive for the Corona Virus, but it has been widely praised for its ability to smooth “the curve” and contains the number of new infections in the country. On the other hand, in the United States, where the Hollywood star is for their children, it is considered one of the epicenters of the pandemic, the Covid-19.

While Maddox is back in the United States, it continues to focus on her studies in Chinese, Russian and Spanish, in school and online.

In the middle of a pandemic, Angelina the nearly$ has just donated 5 million for the organisation of philanthropy In the child is Hungry, that helps, the kids are out of school and do not have access to meals free of charge.