Angelina Jolie enjoys the company of the first-born in quarantine

Angelina Jolie makes a quarantine on the side of the children, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. Ah, the first born, Maddox, along with the family in this time of social isolation, because they had canceled their classes at the University of Yonsei, Seoul, Korea, where he is studying, due to the new coronavirus

The mother owl is the quietest boy in the house, who is a student of Korean, Russian and Spanish.

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The artist, who is best known for his social commitment, he has helped in the fight for the Covid-19, with the donation of 1 million US dollars (about R$ 5 million), The kid Hungry, an organization that distributes meals for children who rely on school meals.

“Since this week, more than a billion children are out of school around the world because of road closures in connection with the coronavirus. The children rely on the care and nutrition they receive during school time, including nearly 22 million children in the United States. The child is Hungry, has made efforts to ensure that the greatest possible number of children,” the actress said in a statement on the official.

The institution received a $ 2 million (approximately us $ 10 million) of the 78 organisations in 30 States of the United States, and issued new grants-in-aid to school districts, food banks, and community-based organizations that help children.

The muse of the international film ever made, in fact, a gift to the UN refugee help and has sent support to the schools that it funds in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, and Namibia, to help, that you will be able to continue teaching and learning during a pandemic.

Angelina Jolie gives $ 2.5 million to the institution in a later Interview,
Angelina Jolie takes the kids to the movies
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Small Cinema

The Original Mother! Angelina Jolie has decided to have a little time to come up with some of her children.

The actress has decided to spend the afternoon with the kids in the mall, and he was able to enjoy a movie with them.

She went to see the new film in the Star Wars universe and had so much fun at the side of the mother owl, the every time when you go to places with them.

One of the children, Angelina who was present was in Shiloh, who was on crutches after the Operation.

All black shoes, and sunglasses, Angelina Jolie was clicked by paparazzi when leaving the place and going in his car.

On her hands, she carried it in a pillow, as well as their daughters. Comfort the whole time!