Bolton FC, founder of the Premier League, it could disappear today from the financial crisis – Ten

The Bolton Wanderersone of the clubs historic and founders of the Premier League, could go away this Tuesday due to the serious financial problems that is going through in the present.

The Bury FC, another of the teams that is close to disappearing from the English football

The sale of the English squadron was almost ready since last Friday, but a statement early on Monday surprised his fans. “All parties agreed to the sale of the football club and the hotel on the Friday, except Ken Anderson (president). The agreement of sale of the club collapsed on Saturday”, said.

And added: “The EFL (English Football League) has set as a deadline to resolve the agreement Tuesday, 27 march at 5:00 pm. In the opposite case, it will mean the settlement of Bolton, the expulsion of the EFL and the inevitable loss of over 150 jobs.”

The players and technical staff have not been able to collect their respective salary since a couple of months and yesterday we were not able to train in your complex because they do not have food, water and other supplies to carry out the assignment.

From that they went down from the Premier League in the 2011-12 season, the Bolton not been able to return to the maximum category and now militates in the third division.

The Whites are placed in the penultimate place in the championship with 11 points, and have not been able to score a only goal in their last four duels. They have also conceded 12 goals, with a record of three defeats and a draw.

The Boltonwith 145 years of history, was one of the 12 clubs that participated for the first time in the Premier League in 1888, and among his accomplishments are four titles of FA Cup.

Figures who passed through this team are Fernando Hierro, Ivan Campo, Salva Ballesta, Rodrigo Moreno, Jared Borgetti and Marcos Alonso. In addition, the brazilian Julio Baptista was for a time training in their ranks.

Jared Borgetti