Chris Evans hopped out of a scene in the Comic With pet dog (video)

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Matt Petit – Handout/A. M. P. A. S. via Getty Images | FOX

When you’re a superhero, you never know when you’ll have to drop everything to attend to the call of the well. It doesn’t matter that you’re in the middle of a panel at a convention: the duty is on duty. Either a horde of chitauris come to destroy your planet, or that a puppy needs to be petted, Captain America is ready for action.

“Chris Evans when he sees a dog”.

Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Don Cheadle took part in the ACE Comic con in Seattle, united States this June 30. The three, along with the moderator were in the middle of a session of questions and answers, when Chris Evans felt a sudden urge and uncontrollable that he did get off stage and approach the audience.

Who was responsible behind this act? A dog in the first row. The best thing is that he was disguised as Iron Man, very committed to the event (and we already know how much they love Steve Rogers and Tony Stark).

The most tender is that, if you notice, Chris had already been raised before, as recapacitando if I should do it or not. But in the end won the YOLO and turned to stand and go to pet the soft tenderloin. On Twitter and on the site all their fans went crazy, especially when you hear the emotion in his voice when he said: “Hello, friend!” (“Hey, pal!”).

The Cap ignored completely what they said their friends and the moderator: at that moment there were only him and the dog. The videos of the fans saved for posterity that moment in time where a whole room full of people melted away completely the heart.

But, wait, the best of the story doesn’t end there. In turns crazy life it turned out that it was not the first time that Iron Dog met Chris Evans. The actual name of the can is Rhydian, and one of your first cosplays was just Captain America in 2016. In that year he managed to take a photo with Evans, and Sebastian Stan, the Winter Soldier.

The name of the Twitter account of the owner of Rhydian is perfect: “That guy with the dog that Chris Evans loves”. There has never been a name more true. In fact, it was he who was throwing questions to the actors when Evans discovered to his furry companion.

Yes, the owner of the heart of Chris is his own dog, Dodger, who was rescued from a shelter and who is now his best friend.

It is needless to say that we believed that we could not love more Chris Evans, but always finds a way to succeed. Cap, calm down po’ please’.

“Chris Evans jumping on the stage to pet the dog is the best thing I’ve seen all week. He really is the most beautiful with life.”

“I had never been so jealous of a dog”.

Do not have dogs, but just as you recommend: