Coronavirus Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie donates$ 1 million to children to protect during a pandemic

Donate to support the show, in the education and nutrition of children in the situations are also more vulnerable during this period

Angelina Jolie it has a long history with a number of humanitarian causes, and in the pandemic the new coronaviruswas the same. The actress donated $ 1 million to the The child is Hungrya non-governmental organization in the USA responsible for the handing out of food to children who depend on school lunch.

In a statement, Jolie explained in detail in the context of the social, which the children go through during a pandemic. “Since this week, more than a billion children are out of school around the world because of road closures in connection with the corona virus (…). Many of the children who rely on the care and nutrition they receive during school time, including nearly 22 million children in the United States, the depending on the food. The child is Hungry, makes a determined effort to reach the greatest possible number of children,” said the actress.

And Angelina is not finished yet. According to the people, a donation to the UN refugee aid, and the filing of, the support of the schools it funds in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Namibia, have been worn by the actor. The goal is to ensure that the research to stop this time. Currently, she has funding for 10 schools in Cambodia, the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which was created in the name of his son, and to the school of Angelina Jolie for the girls, one in Kenya and two other schools for girls in Afghanistan.

With a grant from the American actress, the kid is Hungry, it means that the$ has been distributed 2 million to 78 organizations in 30 States. In addition, new pockets of emergency were directed to school districts, food banks and charitable organizations that feed children throughout the country.