Criticism for Shakira and her desire for children and dogs, the same rights during incarceration | Today

At this point, nobody is in doubt that the situation we are experiencing is exceptional and very hard. For, the suffering of the pandemic directly. For those who are struggling to forward to all such patients. For those who are still working, so that to us no one, nothing is missing. For that, we are trapped in our homes since more than two weeks. For all, one way or another, this situation is too stressful.

And, a lot of free time to think and to draw conclusions which are always shared by all. Know Shakira asked the same rights for the children, for the dogs during this confinement.

In a text, the sharing together in networks and its reflections the need for the children to go on the roadenjoy the sun and the air, as it is the Pets that have a permission to go to every day.

Apparently the singer believes that if the adults can go out and buy and Pets, go for a walk, the children should be, before you, with a manager, your daily dose of sunshine and fresh air. And clearly, these words have brought the queue, because not everyone shares.

The Colombian singer had to read the messages, than that which we read then that you will not be welcome-very good attitude to their proposal.

“But only a couple of days it is so hard to understand”.

Shakira noooo, Anne Frank was 15 months!! And without a TV. While my cousin risked his life as a doctor who only asks you to you can in the house to get back to you as soon as possible. It is hard, but it’s only temporary”.

We have thrown the son of aif we are not going to happen so this will never!!!!!!!!!!”

“I do not agree with you. Especially for your safety. Everything out there is confusing and not good.. I prefer locked, but alive and healthy“.

“With the level of the contagion, that it will be a Spain or in Italy, I my children to the corner. The I prefer healthy over all things, there are so many ways of distraction, to make it dynamic and in the house q q. Sorry.”