Criticize Shakira for your comments

Shakira was hard do to the fact that an appeal to the government, the Spanish in the times in which this country claims is in a situation of alarm total because of the thousands of deaths, the pandemic coronavirus.

Through your social networks, the Colombian singer indic:

In the knowledge of the situation of parents with small children in this complicated period of time in quarantine, I feel for those that do not have an outdoor area or balcony to your children to breathe clean air.

If it is allowed, walking dogs, or adults to buy, but think about it, to enable a decision, and this right to the children that need sun and air for your health, physical and mental.

In front of their words, users of social networks demonstrated against:

Shakira no, Anne Frank was 15 months without a TV, while my cousin his life as a doctor, I do not agree to be risked, especially their safety, outside everything is confusing, I prefer locked, but alive and healthy.

Can you please not compare with a dog, not a spread on the health of their children, as must ms be aware of.

The lady, the dogs are not as vulnerable as children, are some of the comments the users of social networks.