Fans of Dragon Ball do not stop to imagine Ryan Reynolds as Trunks

Ryan Reynolds, being one of the stars of Hollywood that are currently most popular, remembered mainly for his role as Deadpoolsought to take a photo with a group of K-Pop that you may be at the same level of fame of the artist. What is not imagined is what would result from this image.

Reynolds shared via her Twitter account, the photo that was taken with the members of EXOby making a couple of comments with a somewhat sarcastic characteristic of his personality.

The funny thing is that the user Bosslogic edited the photo to give it a look a lot more K-popera artist, dying your hair (typical of the pop artists, Korean) purpura and modifying your wardrobe by adding a few leather straps. This ended up giving Ryan Reynolds a look the style of Trunks from the Future Dragon Ball.

“Delighted to be the newest member of EXO. You may not be able to dance or sing, but one thing is for sure: I have no idea how to give the sign of “thumbs up”. Honestly, I never learned. @weareoneEXO @Bosslogic”

While the artist had no notion of its not intentional cosplayfans immediately were able to see the relationship and resemblance of the dress of the actor with that of the son of Vegeta.

As with all of the details that added, only thing missing is the well-known sword of Saiyan to complement well the characterization.

Perhaps Reynolds will never get to participate in any project related to Dragon Balleven with Disney producing the new live-action the anime and at the same time planning with Marvel Studios with the return of DeadPool to the big screen.

Would you like to see Ryan Reynolds as Trunks?