Find out why the group of Angelina Jolie did not want to fight on the upcoming appointment

Those who always deserve his own movie in the MCU in the year, but the question is whether it is still in the minds of fans is, why is it that the heroes to help the Avengers in an invasion?

Well, that’s part of the reason, it can be taken directly from the comic books, and in any case, there is a reason for the group to finally go out in public.

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In the Marvel Comics, the cosmic beings known as the Celestials experimented on the DNA of the people, to create in sequence two different branches. genetic: the super poderosos of the Eternal, and the monster, Deviant.

The Eternal, whose abilities are as gods, and they lived separated from the people. It was the will of your Creator, that you can avoid the interference in the Affairs of the people, until the Celestials returned to judge the world.

So, as a result, Zuras is the leader of the Eternal – has ensured that his people are to obey the rule.

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The decree of the Heavenly it made sense for the Eternal, not to be involved, have led to, the Holy spirit, who have studied humans and other species, as the scientists observe the natural course of the evolution of human culture.

The Gilgamesh-used epic as a good example of how seriously those who deal with the rules imposed on them from the sky. Zuras banned do not necessarily have to have any contact with the people, as eternal, as Sersi could live among them, but in the epic of Gilgamesh apparently took things too far.

He uses his powers to become a hero for the people. His actions have earned the wrath of Zuras, who immediately banned the epic of Gilgamesh. Even the mention of his name was taboo, the Gilgamesh epic came to be known as “The Forgotten.”

The rule of non-interference by the Eternal, if it applies to your colleagues in the MCU? Like the characters in the comic strip, those that have always been in the MCU, through the Holy spirit, then, it is not possible to interfere in the Affairs of the people.

In fact, this can be the explanation of a reasonable. Those who are always alien parts, which secretly in the earth to the people for thousands of years, the earth has been threatened on several occasions, and particularly since the invasion of the Chitauri in New York city in The Avengers.

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It is not, must be a reason why the gods have the audience all the time, and you do not have permission to take action would be a logical explanation. If the Eternal be asked to take humanity to its own course, it would make sense that it would stay on the side line for a long time.

It may be for this reason that the Eternal, do really something when Thanos attacked him. They were probably also aware of the danger, but didn’t want to risk the wrath of his own, he Ajak, played by Salma Hayek], or the Heavenly.

As you might expect, the film can be immersed in the scenes from the past of the MCU, and the Eternal spirit, in a different situation, where you have to fight with this rule, or you can show the public that this rule was in the first place.

It may be that the teachings of their experience in Babylon, or in any other old place you may have, will have, that which is Eternal, with it can sometimes make it worse.

If the perennial has a rule of non-interference, so you can go to step 4. To bypass alien invasion, the death of more than half of all the beings in the universe, and it is now up to the fight, that would mean that something even worse must be on the horizon.

The summary for the official reveal, which in this case is in reference to the Deviant. What you are doing, it could in any way be a greater threat to the world as His, especially if your activities are forcing those who are always in the action.

Another possible explanation for the shift may be the result of a comic book. It is to be hoped that a version of the comic book of the Eternal, to the compliance with the rules of the Heavenly, about the non-interference until the time for his return to the earth.

Since the Celestials returned, the Eternal spirit of knowledge, that the fate of the entire planet on the game – you have abandoned the rules, and decided to work on the side of the people, and the Deviant in order to ensure that all of their cultures and hold on.

It is for this reason that the Eternal, as Sersi-were able to the Stars in the early to mid 90’s. At this point, the Eternal spirit already revealed was not remain so hidden, it was no longer a priority.

In a situation like this could not happen in the movie, the one who set the stage for many of them to take an active role in the future films in the MCU.

The gods, it is expected to arrive in the theatre on the 29. October of this year.