Geisy Arruda ‘be’, with quarantine and jokes”, you have the advantage”

The muse has left, it was crazy the amount of

From: Alefy Smith | 29 March – 18:00

It seems that Geisy Arruda took it out, on Sunday (29.) to have to deceive his followers on social networks. The celebrity published a photo of drinking with a t-shirt… this is different.

“Quarentene and see if that helps. Why?” She writes in the heading of your posting.

Recently, it is still in quarantine, Geisy Arruda, let your followers delighted in the social media networks by posting a photo in which appears that gives you a clean use of ICT in a bikini and shows a lot of the form.

The fans also have the muse starred in “after the other”. “The fire is for everyone, love is so short,” he wrote in the heading of your posting. Read more.


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