Hattusa Anitta, only the Problem is, to share More and more well-known, the joke in the video with the “challenge of the role higinico”‘ :: FolhaGO


Hattusa Anitta, only the Problem is, more and More famous in a time of social isolation because the multi-coronavrus to have fun with a game online.

The three joined eight other friends, and make a video in which a appears in the playing a role of paper higinico the other, with a little help from a photo editor.

Hattusa Anitta, football, and More to share the fun in the v

To share Hattusa Anitta, football, and More, the joke in the video, with the challenge of the role higinico’

Everything is round, with a kick of the football, the comedian Gkay sees, and sends it to the litter, so that you Sonza. The singer then lana is your role in the direct-to-Hattusa Anitta, who will save the roles for your dog, and then it goes to the influencer, I have Lived, Wanderley.

She passes her the Holy Ghost, which sends it to the friend, Matheus Mazzafera, and he plays it to the model, Alessandra Ambrosio, together with her daughter. In the film More, and for the youtuber Raphael Uccman the end of the video.

The team, encourage friends to join in the fun.

“Even from far away, close by,” “compiled, however, is a separate” on ” and ” off, but to explain,” were some of the phrases you use, the motivao of the game, in the time of isolation, for the sake of the coronavrus.

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