Instagram hid the “likes” of the publications: as well impacted the influencers

The relevance of Instagram in the life of younger people is a lot. In them, the search of acceptance on the part of others is very important as impacts on the mood and self-esteem. In addition, the comparison with other profiles also influences feelings.

Because of this, developers of the app pictures have begun testing a new feature from which it hides the amount of “likes” that has a publication, as well as the number of times a video was played.

However, the measure has received various reactions on the part of the influencers around the world. For example Jem Wolfie, a young australian who publishes content related to food and fitness with 2.7 million followers, criticized the provision for so Instagram I had removed a critical tool.

Though received comments harmful by that statement in the radio of your country, the origin of their complaints are based in the fact that for her, as for many other people, uploading content to Instagram has become a job when you spent a lot of time of your life.

An example of the gains that left profiles as well is it also australian Kayla Itsineswho publishes content relevant to the world of fitness. In accordance with the digital medium BBC Worklifethe profile of almost 12 million followers, as well as an app and a exercise program you were meant to Kayla a gain of little more than USD 31 million in the past year.

In accordance with Instagramthe goal of having carried out this modification on the app is discourage competition (conscious or unconscious) that can be given between the users and the anxiety that can generate in some people to see that content, not yours it is not as popular as some of the others.

“We want their friends focus on the photos and videos that you share, not in the amount of ‘like’ that they receive. You can still see your own likes by tapping on the list of people that they liked the postbut your friends will not see how many ‘likes’ you’ve received“, reported the social network.

In a conference at the beginning of the year, Adam Mosseri, current head of Instagramannounced that they would make these changes to create an environment that is concerned for the mental health of its users. In this sense, he highlighted the cyber bullying in which several persons are victims.

For other instagrammers as Tammy Hembrow (9.7 million followers)the decision to have removed the likes it has not affected the way in which it conducts its businesshe said in an interview with the middle English.

“The ‘I like it’ became a popularity contestbut I think the companies are really interested in the impressions and actions taken from the publications”. Example of this is the demographic information or location of the followers. “The people focus on the photos and videos that you share, not in how many likes there are“.

Until the moment the feature is only available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand for what is still difficult to know the impact of this measure in the business through the social network.

Agree with Max Doyle, the general director of a marketing agency that works with influencers in Sydney, predicts that this measure will reduce the commitment from the content creators; however, from that, the challenge will be for the specialists in marketingbecause they will have to target your attention another element that is not the likes: comments.

Although one may think that the problem with this is that the promote the use of the comments it is possible that these are offensive, Instagram also has implemented other tools based on artificial intelligence with which it seeks to combat cyber bullying.

In the end, the decision of Instagram you can contribute to the relationship of the users with the contentas it may be reflect on if an image I really like it and as well enhance the experience on the social network.