Instagram: Vitaly Zdorovetsky prisoner for five days by climbing the pyramids of Egypt to take selfies | Giza | World

An influencer of Russian nationality, Vitaly Zdorovetsky, spent five days imprisoned in a jail in Egypt, specifically in the city of Gizaafter climbing one of the pyramidsin Cairo, for taking selfies.

In one of the images is observed as the feet of Zdorovetsky they are in the air and in the background you can see some of the other pyramids of Egypt.

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The man, 27-year-old said via his Instagram that the five days that he was in prison “were the worst of his life” and “not wish on anyone”. However, he said to his 31 million followers who do not repent.

“I’ve been in jail many times, but this was by far the worst.” “I saw horrible things and I would not wish this on anyone”.

Through their social networks, Vitaly published everything that had happened to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The past month of November, the Parliament of Egypt outlawed to climb the pyramidssince any person that is climbing without a license could face a month in prison or a fine 483.34 pounds sterling (2099.45 soles).

Vitaly Zdorovetsky.

Photography Vitaly on Instagram had 193 thousand I like and 2 578 comments, in which a user said: “A view that probably no one else would take a photo.”

Another said: “Brother, I love you, but you’re crazy.”

Previously, Vitaly he was arrested for running onto the field during the finals of the NBA in the year 2016 and the year 2017.

Also, he was arrested for climbing the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

In the year 2014, he attempted to kiss the exdefensor of Die Mannschaft Benedikt Howedes in the final match of Germany against Argentina in the World Cup.

It should be noted that the ex-girlfriend of Vitaly, Kinsey Wolanski, 22 years of age, was released by running in a bathing suit in the game of Liverpool against the Spours in the Champions League in the year 2019.