Instagram will hide the “I like” of the publications in the US

In the last few months, Instagram launched a series of tests in seven countries for hide the number of “likes” (I like) that receives a publication. And now, it is the turn of USA.

This was confirmed by the CEO of the social network, Adam Mosseri, through his Twitter account, where he explained that this is a temporary modification that will appear from next week in some of the profiles of the app.

“We have tested the possibility of making the likes be private in several countries. We will be extending these tests to a small group of people in the united States next week, and we can’t wait to see the comments”, tweeted Mosseri.

The measure seeks to reduce the anxiety and pressure that generates in some people, the number of “likes” that receive their content.

“We want their friends focus on the photos and videos that you share, not in the amount of ‘like’ that they receive. You can still see your own likes by tapping on the list of people that they liked the postbut your friends will not see how many ‘likes’ you’ve received” explained the social network.

In this way, each user can check in his profile how many “likes” he received your publication, but his followers will not know the figure.

The amendment, which was already proved in Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, has generated different reactions on the part of the influencers.

Jem Wolfie, a young australian that has over 2.7 million followers and that publishes content related to food and physical conditioning, he accused the social network of taking away a critical tool of work. An opinion that does not share Tammy Hembrow, with 9.7 million followers is of the opinion that the modification of the social network does not affect the way in which it conducts its business.

“The ‘I like it’ became a popularity contestbut I think the companies are really interested in the impressions and actions taken from the publications”. Example of this is the demographic information or location of the followers. “The people focus on the photos and videos that you share, not in how many likes there are”.

The goal of Instagram is to create an environment that cares for the mental health of its users. The US is according to figures from Statista, the country with the largest number of users of Instagram, with more than 110 million.

Agree with Max Doyle, the general director of a marketing agency that works with influencers in Sydney, predicts that this measure will reduce the commitment from the content creators; however, from that, the challenge will be for the specialists in marketingbecause they will have to target your attention another element that is not the likes: comments.

It was last July, when the platform started to do the testing to hide the “I like” on the posts. After that, in recent years, arising concern for the impact that social networks can teer in the younger audience.

In fact there are some studies that warn about the harmful effects of networks, such as the report conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, according to which the excessive use of social media can result in depression and an increase in the feeling of loneliness.