Is Training in quarantine! Jennifer Lopez keeps your tummy and back with these exercises (+Videos)


Jennifer Lopez is a goddess with the belly is hard as a rock.

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But there’s nothing to have a flat stomach and toned that diets and practical, taking you from your plate, sugar, alcohol, and almost all of the carbohydrates, reported Womenshealthmag.

David Kirsch, the acclaimed and the requested personal trainer of Jennifer Lopez needs only a ball, this is called the fitball and can now be found at Decathlon for under ten euros.

The trainer of Jennifer Lopez is designing exercises with this ball for your clients is more difficult, and we do not believe that Jennifer Lopez is not among them.

First of all, by her age (50 years) and then, because the genes that latino-chic singer that after a certain age, everything you to expand not to keep you in check with diet and exercises.

Belly life, now called crunch in the gym, good to see (and better pay) you acquire a double the effectiveness if you are over a ball and the benefits not only for the muscles of the belly, but for the entire area of the hull, the Core in the above-mentioned sports halls.

A different exercise with a fitball, but with a ball-healing of around three kilograms. This Crunch, you would have to have at least three series of 15 or 20 repetitions of each. Good pace (and without checking the phone in between).

The great merit of this routine you can perform at home with a minimal investment.

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