It inspired you! Adele has been exceeded, and a crisis of fear by Beyoncé

Only a few will think that a celebrity like Adele had problems with anxiety but it turns out that this happened, and what is inspiring topic to work with, could overcome them, right through to Beyoncé.

The renowned singer spoke with Rolling Stone magazine, where he influence of language on various topics, including those that came to him, in a full-concerts in front of thousands of fans.

“I feel panic attacks constantly on stage, I that my heart was going to explode,” said the interpreters of “Someone Like You”.

The personality came ensure, that on more than one occasion have broken, such as a product has experienced these situations, along his successful career, but found, how to deal with it.

“Once in Amsterdam I was so nervous that I ran away from the fire to ignite,” said the composer British with the recognised trade magazine ” entertainment.

The celebrity he he should him.the “life” of his alter-ego named Sasha Carter, who is a personality, inspired by Beyonce, because he wondered what the wife of Jay-Z in these times of crisis, would

The of was the answer Adele both you was looking for, and since then it has managed to conquer all of the scenarios at the global level, inspired by the attitude of the American artist.