Justin Bieber made the operation of Taylor Swift

Tay was a little sensitive and the video was taken from her mother, and she cries, because for him a banana, which was exactly what I wanted to and he couldn’t even see the ‘head’.

Back on the video of Bieber, Justin imitated the voice Taylor did in the famous video of the banana and again some phrases repeated, like,” said the also actress (“that’s Not the banana that I wanted… no head!’)

But it seems that to Hailey Bieber is nothing to laugh, on the joke of her husbandsince the recording is achieved, to hear that the model Justin says that nothing strange, what you do seems.

As expected the fans of Taylor are upset to see the video of Justin and looked him negative reviews in the social networks.

What Taylor Swift video in which Justin Bieber makes fun of her and the reaction postoperative recent eye surgery? Until such time, she made no comment.

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