Katy Perry was in the scandal, the pizza gate as sex slave?


Pizza gate has become one of the most searched topics on the Internet, because it is as fake news is back with more power to be supported by a criticism hidden in the songs of pop stars, taking into account of the concept of slaves mkultra “sexual slaves”, that is to show internet users consider the use of a brain-washing, by artists like Katy Perry.

At the top, when you consider that Pizza gate it’s all about the pedophile rings, the one with more power in the world, in every kind of sexual situations with minors, the form of which, in this case, is the use of a code encrypted that, in turn, a play on words about American food, like the “hot dogs / children”, “pizza girls”, “ice cream / male hustlers”, etc.

Pizza gate ends up being a practice of sexual ceremonies occultists, from dark and macabre with minor children would have suffered from this crime, the have had in a pizza place called Comet Ping Pong, where many politicians and ex-presidents of the United States, with restaurant fundraising events.

Katy Perry was in the scandal, the pizza gate As a sex slave!

Katy Perry was in the scandal, the pizza gate As a sex slave!

Katy Perry makes the pizza gate in music videos

The famous singer Katy Perrywould be shown to be vulnerable in some music videos such as “Last Friday Night”representation of a female figure in your teenager after a party that got out of control, and later on in 2017, put more directly, depending on the reactions of the users of networks adopted socialesla reality, the pizza gate.

At the top, with a wave of comments in the music video of “Bon Appétit”because they have not ceased to appear, stating the alleged network of paedophiles working with these satanic rituals, which involve the boys and girls are raped in these kind of places and the fans Katy Perry have compared this song with the new music video of Justin Bieber “Yummy”.


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Song mentioned that Justin needs Bieber as less miss the story by allusion may be had to the ice pink, sexually abused by his manager such a young age; although nothing is confirmed, these theories no longer circulate in social networks.

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