Lana Del Rey bought her dress in a mall in rebate


Lana del Rey Grammys
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Most of the times, the celebrities that attend the red carpet spend months deciding with their respective stylists what to use, however, that was not the case Lana Del Rey at the Grammys. The singer decided last minute that I was going to wear to the awards ceremony. What’s best of all? Chose in the shopping center and is lowered.

“I was going to wear another dress, but my boyfriend and I were looking for a belt for him at the mall and I saw this design hung in a rack and I loved it, so this is a look from last time,” said The King to a reporter Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet. “I sent him to adjust right there,” said the singer.

The dress is of the brand with headquarters in New York, Aidan Mattox, one of the firms most popular department stores such as Saks, Dillards and Neiman Marcus.

Currently you can find it online in the page Dillards discount, 13,062 weights now, you can get it for just 9,797. We know that it is not a piece low cost but neither is it a piece of haute couture as the famous often bring to the awards.

If you are interested in copiárselo, we recommend you to click here before it runs out completely as you may still find in certain sizes and is ideal for a wedding.

As nominated in two of the main categories of the Grammys, and as a guest most honoured at the Gala for the MET, it was expected that the singer will use a design of a signature of luxury.

Lana Del Rey Grammys
Lana Del Rey

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