Majo Martino, shone with its curves (in underwear) to the rhythm of Jennifer Lopez


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28. March, 2020 22:23

The participants in the discussion: “angel in the Morning” has proposed the challenge, performing a choreography of the artist in Latin America, and shared the video on your account of Instagram.

Majo Martino cover
Majo Martino, shone with its curves (in underwear) to the rhythm of Jennifer Lopez. (Photo: Instagram @majomartino)

Majo Martino he left his role as producer for the seats The angel of Tomorrowone of the cycles selected by the public in the morning. However, explosion is also a are in the networks and already has more than 550 thousand followers on Instagram.

In his last publication, the discussion participants showed their talents in dancing and showed off her curves in underwear to the rhythm of Jennifer Lopez. She has to imitate the challenge invites the user to a choreography of the artist in Latin America.

The publication received more than 62 thousand views and hundreds of comments of their fans, who spared no effort to praise them, and after the brunette. “Fuega total”, “The bomb “sos”, “Sos is a beautiful woman,” were some of the messages that they left their trailer, also some of you asked for the ingress of Majo Martino on Dance.

I was Topless Majo Martino in bed: “all day”

It was announced that Ricky Martin “is mensajeaba” with the brother Majo Martino

Ricky Martin is likeando a hottie Argentinian, lomazo, divine, I don’t know if it is played, the last name. Someone from here knows Juan Manuel Martino isbrother Majo Martino. Look at what is, what is like a candy store!”, began with the words Mariana Brey on the program The angel of Tomorrow.

And further: “Not only several of the likes of Ricky Martin, but, in addition, there is a return journey in private between Ricky Martin and Juan Manuel Martino.”

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Video: Instagram @majomartino