Miley Cyrus has found, with this figure from ‘Hannah Montana’

The perfect time to get back some of the series from Disney, in full quarantine from the COVID-19-with the premiere platform, ‘Disney +’, Miley Cyrus has prefer to surprise your followers with the intervention of a character from Hannah Montana, in her profile of Instagram.

The pandemic of the Coronavirus, which causes the managed to the private lives of millions of people, it things, it seemed almost unthinkable until now, together with the union society, for one thing, another one of these events with the singer of ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Miley Cyrus offers since a few days, a program that in your account of Instagram called “Bright-Minded’to participate in the one who invites some of the most famous cartoon characters, interesting presentations on the screen. After we wanted to have a wonderful time with the singer Demi Lovato, Miley, fascinate their fans in the conversation with Emily Osment.

The artist has put in the time far back in the past to his time as Hannah Montana, with the ‘Lilly’the character that conquered, saw Emily in the series ‘Disney Channel’ enthusiastic children and young people from all over the world from 2006 to 2011.

The goods, the girlfriends in the series played the girl with an amazing double-life, to share wanted to have to Instagram some of the memories of this incredible timein the next scenario, the two artists have many good moments shared.

Between laughing, both talking in a couple of photos for it was a successful story that wanted to nine years ago, and their thousands of fans who see and can not fault more, have, this unprecedented event by the social networks, so that it was known.