Movies and series involving real criminals

Crime never pays… unless you’re a consultant in Hollywood. To be able to portray the world of the thievesthe hackers and other criminalsseveral directors have resorted to bandits real-world, first-hand, make sure that everything is realistic.

Series and movies famous have had to ex-convicts and gangsters among his credits. Some have served only as “consultants” that make recommendations to the plot, but others have gotten up to in the room writers or even have appeared on the screen!

Known to detail the role played by the criminals in the creation of these series and moviesthanks to our #ConteoDe10

1. Baby Driver consulted with real criminals of the steering wheel

The director Edgar Wright spoke with several “get away drivers”, drivers charge to escape with the loot during a robbery. The filmmaker even took stories direct from these thieves, and put in the tape, such as a scene in which a robbery is cancelled because the song playing on the radio is not correct.

Photo: TriStar Pictures

2. War Games (War games, 1983) hired hackers real

In this tape, we see David, a computer expert, who by accident connects to the Department of Defense and triggers a nuclear war. To create the story were hired several hackers real, including the legendary hacker David Scott Lewis, who helped shape the main character.

One of the things that Lewis did in real life and that was on the tape, was the technique of “War dialing” (Dialing of War). In this process, the hackers used a computer to dial random numbers for phones that allow them to connect to another computer, to be able to piratearlo.

Photo: United Artists

3. Ben Affleck turned to ex-convicts for filming The Town (Attraction dangerous, 2010)

“Almost everyone who worked on the set were ex-convicts. And you probably had a couple of guys who were still robbing banks,” explained the actor Jeremy Renner. In fact, there were so many criminals reformed to work in the film, which Ben Affleck had many problems to get insurance to cover the production.

Photo: Warner Bros

4. The Wire had an offender in the room of writers

David Simonthe creator of this HBO series, confessed that the character of Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) was based on Donnie Andrews. Andrews was famous for terrorizing drug dealers of Baltimore, until he murdered a man and spent 18 years in prison.

Once free, someone got in touch to Andrews with Simon and soon the director included him in his team of screenwriters. Donnie even had a cameo in the fifth season as a minor character that shares a scene with Omar.

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Felicia “Snoop” Pearson basically played itself in The Wire. While giving life to Snoop in the series, was selling cocaine and heroin. After her character began to have more weight in the plot, Felicia decided to leave his illegal activities and devoted himself fully to the performance.

Felicia Pearson The Wire. (Photo: HBO)

5. Had mobsters of truth in The Godfather (The godfather)

Lenny Montana, the actor who played Luca Brasil in the tape, in real life he worked as a bodyguard of the capo Joe Colombo. The rest of the cast also met with mobsters to give realism to their characters.

Marlon Brando and Al Pacino had talks with some of the heads of the mafia families, but it was James Caan (who gave life to Sonny on the tape) which is more and more involved in the criminal world. Caan became a friend of the capo Carmine “The Snake” Persico and took from him many gestures that she incorporated into her performance.

James Caan in The Godfather (1972) (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

6. The Soprano did to piss off the mafia

Tony Borgeseone of the collectors of the crime family Gambino, played the character of Lorenzo Barese in the series and after he was imprisoned for extortion. But not all of the mafia were fans of the series.

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In one of the episodes, the character of Tony Soprano used shorts. This small detail very angry to several criminals of the real life that the mafia contacted David Chase, the creator of the series, to express his discomfort about it. Then the series decided to incorporate this fix in a legendary scene where you say to Tony Soprano: “A capo does not use shorts”


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