Murder the woman while playing Pokémon Go

Occurs another
unfortunate tragedy around the game developed by Ninatic

As far as we can tell stories very encouraging and full of happiness around Pokémon GOalso come some very sad that sometimes exceeded the game developed by Niantic. On this occasion, it is an unfortunate coincidence.


The story
begins when Cayla Fields, 21, was given the task of going out with her
boyfriend to play Pokémon GO on a Friday night at a park which used to
frequent, since it is in these places where it is common to find several Poképaradas
to get items, and, of step, to perform research tasks.

It seemed like a Friday either, however, Cayla was a witness of an armed robbery while he was driving towards the park. According to the report, the thieves became aware of the fact and fired at the car of Cayla, who despite trying to escape, was shot in the neck.

Image: KRQE

Unfortunately, the local police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has not given to the assailant who took his life from him to this girl that she had only planned to play Pokémon GO with your boyfriend like I used to do, because his house is very close to the park.

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Pokémon GO:
This is not the first time the game is involved in accidents

There is No doubt of that Pokémon GO has not stopped being a social phenomenon, as many players are still taking to the streets to play the title mobile Niantic. Unfortunately, the game sometimes has been involved in moments really controversial.

Since its launch, there have been reported crashes of cars because people are playing and driving at the same time, or, in his absence, the pedestrians do not look where they walk because they are only looking at the screen Pokémon GO and end up in some kind of accident.

Fortunately there are also stories which are very positive as the grandfather’s bicycle and takes a dozen of the phones with that play Pokémon GO. What is surprising is that it continues playing non-stop and on your bike as if did not happen anything.

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It is a pity that the Pokémon GO has been connected once more, though indirectly, with the death of a girl who was just in the wrong place witnessed an event truly lamentable.