OMG! Joe Alwyn (the friend of Taylor Swift) only came on the Red carpet of the Golden globes 2020

Each award ceremony has always been the secrets that are hidden in the details, and of course Golden globes are not the exception. Many celebrities have in the past, in front of the cameras red carpeteither alone or together with others, but to not spend the two celebs that we met together, the interviews and the photos in red carpetTaylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, who came only on the carpet Golden Globes.

Not necessarily the problem, but since Taylor Swift and, as always, will claim all the cameras and microphones, without a doubt, was not strange that they are accompanied Joe Alwyn. On the other hand, their relationship has shaped, to a low profile, learned something from Taylor Swift, according to the relations revealed as the, the he as Tom Hiddleston, or with Jake Gyllenhaal…

No report of when a problem or a break. Maybe like Camila’s hair just want, that everyone has his own floodlight, the hour of work, and because, when it comes to the personal, you can’t see together with the room that you want to (after you, like some couples endure the eyes of the public is a very smart decision seems to be).

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