Operation Hummingbird today on the tv in the UK

Operation Hummingbird it is an epic of the modern age, which makes it on the side of the implacable, a world which is becoming more and more digital. With the completion of Kim Nguyen, the film tells the story of two brothers from New York city, Anton and Vincent is involved in the game of high-stakes negotiations and High frequencies, where the gain is measured in thousandths of a second, and you have the information, the faster it is, the difference between winning and losing. Operation, Try it first, intense, the views of the sole on the TVCine, Above, day, the 29th. March (Sunday) at 21: 30.

Operation Hummingbird today, the TVCine is Top

You will build a fiber-optic cable in a straight line, between Kansas and New Jersey, which would bring hundreds of millions for the 2 brothers. But nothing is easy in this plane of weakness. Anton is the head of the house is the dealer and, together, they lead themselves and everyone around them, to the point of failure in this quest of the real world. Always on the tip of his former boss, Eve Torres (Hayek), a broker-dealer to the powerful, intoxicating and manipulative is, you don’t look to the media for the defeat in their own game. No matter what, Vincent and Anthony were determined to cross over to America, but only to find redemption at the end of the line, it is not by money, but by the family and a close contact with nature.

Operation Hummingbird

Operation Hummingbird account, with the recordings, Jesse Eisenberg, nominated for a golden globe Award for Best actor in A Social network, and Alexander Skarsgård (“Big Little Lies), and Salma Hayek, nominated for a golden globe Award for Best actress in Frida.

According to the Director, “you anticipate something special, what they seem to be, in a world of obligation, when, in fact, most of the, life what’s in the script, that’s kind of true”. Operation Hummingbird, a debut with voltage is not filled, the lose out on an exclusive in-TVCine the top, and today is the 29. March (Sunday) at 21: 30.

You can here the trailer for the film.

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