OV7 manages their differences and are preparing a new tour for his 31 years | the TRIBUNE

Mexico city.- Erika Zaba, Lidia Avila and Mariana Ochoa, M balia Marichal, Oscar Schwebel, Kalimba and Ari Borovoy reappeared together to provide the details of the tour plan as part of its celebration for 31 years OV7.

After the controversy arising from the differences between the members of the group and BOBO Productionsagency led by Ari Borovoyafter the announcement of the departure of OV7 of the tour 90’s Pop Tourthe singers said that they are very united and have already been able to smooth things over between them.

Yes there were differences with BOBO and was made public because Ari is a public person. We made some mistakes, because we offered apologies,” said Erika about it.

Always were rumours, I never stopped living and I had to be. To be frank it is not a simple matter. I am very perfectionist, has achieved good things during these seven years, but I was hurting. This is a celebration and you have to enjoy it,” said Borovoy.

Before this, the band announced that they will schedule their concerts with the company Ocesawhile the tour the grouping will be named as OV7 Thirty Yearsthe dates still have not been revealed.

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