Paula strikes back at the BBB19, and causes that speak to you about organ donation

The main concern of the participants is: how will it get to heaven without an eye?!

It is not for you! According to the controversial statements, and many have something to say BBB19, Paula Sparrow strikes again the reality tv show. At this time, the participant is 28 years old it was a gift from the bodya Problem that is still surrounded by many questions, especially in Brazil.


In a conversation with a Rízia, Alan, and Hariany, Paula the following question: ‘cthis is how I’m going to come in the sky, without an eye?”. A bachelor’s degree in law, has made it clear that they never thought seriously about donating his organs, because, after his death, it would still be in need of, “the higher level”. If you do not hear the statement of his colleagues in the Station, to explain to the other participants attempted, taking into account the religious beliefs of Paula, she needs your physical body, if you come in the sky. “It is, it is only the Ghost of him,” said Rízia, the support of Alan, in the following order: “the matter is in your soul, and other people.”

To hear you say that, Paula, showed up in thought, and then changed his mind – but not so much. “Until, I think, to give up, but you have to work at it’s best. I believe that if my mother needed (the heart), and I relied on you,” he said. The argument of the young man, however, it is not more selfish, that it was noticeable even in the position to understand completely, to donate the size of the setting, institutions. Paula was only able to think of, for the benefit of any other Person, not on the gesture in kind, to help someone who needs it, even if you already have a binding relationship with him.

The dialogue is important, and in spite of the Sparrow, and when the card is opened, to learn more about you, you will not be awarded and the disservice done to the participants in the Big Brother Brasil:

This is, at least in the discussion initiated by the questions of Paula Sperling will serve to further discussion about the donation of the organ to be stimulated. In addition, even we will try to find out whether the person coming to be innocent and ignorant, in the sense of speaking from the mouth, or if you do it”because it is no longer possible.