PHOTO. Kendall Jenner goes insane with her sassy naked for Vogue Italy

Kendall Jenner not only is the protagonist of the last edition of Vogue Italybut who stole the attention with her hot naked.

The model has left with the mouth open to supporters after the photographer publish one of your photos more explicit.

With a look, a somewhat eccentric member of the clan Kardashian is reminiscent of the styles of the 20’s in some of the photos, and the of the years 70 in other.

Even the makeup he wears, as well as the thin eyebrows that have been drawn in some shots and worked hairstyles that takes, make it virtually impossible to recognize.

There is No doubt that as a model, gives the best of itself to transform into another person and adopt the image that the magazine I wanted to project.

Mert Alas has been commissioned to immortalize the young man, even the image that he has shared on Instagram is the most striking because it is a bare total.

She appears without any clothes, wearing only stockings and short heeled shoes. The model poses with her back to the camera, although his face sideways allows you to see the perfection that is her.

What is being unfaithful?

The relationship between the sister of Kylie and Benn Simmons was going great, but apparently there is presented a sharp issue between them.

Several rumors say that the basketball player he is unfaithful to the model, and who revealed all the supposed other girl, who turned out not to be the only one.

Kendall Jenner Twitter

The site of news Sports Gossip reported that an anonymous woman contacted them and revealed details about her relationship with Ben, in addition to sharing some DM and a selfie of the player of the Sixers.

The posts were deleted apparently, but they had details of the relationship that kept the athlete with Tinashe, Kendall and even the how to was presumed to have sex with Brittany Renner, a model of Instagram with a large number of followers.