Pikachu turns into Pichu in the new anime


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The new series of Pokémon is coming to Japan, and fans already can’t wait to see it. Many people began to speculate rapidly about the narrative that would lead this new stage of the anime. In it, it seems that we will know a little more about the history of our favorite critter: Pikachu.

In an episode that will be named ‘birthday Pikachu’, it seems that we will be able to enjoy a flashback. Here the story is going to focus on the creature of Ash when he was a baby and barely joined his coach.


This month, we will also see the Pikachu of Ash as a Pichu for the first time. This is an important step for the series, and the coach, because we appreciate too much your small ratites electric.

Here I leave you the description that Crunchyroll has the anime:

Somewhere in the forest of Kanto, there was once a lonely Pichu. This Pokémon was still young, he had some meeting. This took place a little before Ash and his partner Pikachu, started to travel together. This is the start of the anime Pokémon‘.

If you think that this is already important enough, wait! This anime has an event still more expected.

The new series will continue the storyline of Ash with Pikachu, after the fact, and the region of Alola, and includes an event very important.


We still don’t know when it will come this anime to the west, but, for now the japanese fans can already enjoy this new story. The best thing is to be aware of upcoming announcements.

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