Pokémon Go hid a character is LGBT and have so far discovered


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Pokemon Go opens the door to the inclusion

Pokémon Gor continues counting with a solid base of users who day-to-day roam the streets in search of rare creatures or fighting challenging.

Since the launch of the game we were introduced to new characters that would accompany our adventure, the most important leaders of the 3 factions.

Some years have passed since the first players chose a side in Pokémon Goand safe never you realized that one of their leaders was part of the community LGBT.

The fans began to speculate about this possibility for a long time, therefore the publications of Niantic they looked very suspicious at the time to refer you to one of the faction leaders.

While Spark and Candela they are always referred to with female pronouns or male, with Blanche the official account in English always remains neutral.


Apparently, it was due to that Blanche is identified as a person not binary, that is to say, that is not encasilla only with the masculine or feminine gender.

Pokémon Go they introduced it subtly

This feature takes a long time, becoming evident, for in the events always refer to the character in a neutral manner.

Interestingly, in other languages yes refer to Blanche as a woman, because in Spanish you always use female pronouns when they talk about it.

This could be due to in Spanish there are very clear terms to refer to a person of non-gender binary, or that they forgot to warn the translators.

Up to the time Niantic has not said if the one who leads the blue team owns this identity.

Although we do not believe that this impacts on the game, yes it will give representation to those who they identify with.


It seems that Pokémon opened the door to the inclusion of a very subtle form, and it is something that we should celebrate.

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