Rachael Leigh Cook will play a key role in the season finale of Criminal Minds


According to TV Line, the actress Rachael Leigh Cook has been hired by CBS to have a very important role in the fifteenth and last season of Criminal Minds.

Rachael Leigh Cook is best known for playing Kate Moretti in the series “Perception”, now adds another challenge to his career with his inclusion in the last cycle of a successful program according to the “Criminal Minds” which is considered by many as one of the best in the history of television.

It is expected to appear in at least two of the 10 episodes that conform the final season, giving life to the “Max” which is described as a woman of a great heart, sincere, who has an important relationship with Dr. Spencer Reid is one of the main agents of the Unit of Behavioral Analysis.

The last chapters will present the latest cases for the team to take them to try to stop the last great antagonist of the program, “Everett Lynch” a con man and serial killer who constantly changes identity and which managed to circumvent the UAC engañándoles and leaving them injured physically and psychologically.

In addition all pointing to the revelation of Jennifer “JJ” Jareau that has always loved Reid in the final chapter of season 14 will have to be addressed, taking into account that Spencer always had wanted to but everything pointed to that his feelings had never been reciprocated by her partner and best friend, with the possibility of close and became a couple is an idea that excites the fans even though this topic as what is on board the showrunner is involved in the first two chapters of the last cycle, in addition to the new character of “Max” portrayed by Rachael Leigh Cook could further complicate this issue.

The fifteenth season started to be issued in the autumn of this year while in the united States will pass through the CBS, in Latin america the rights of transmission will correspond to AXN.