Rachel Cook reveals his favourite pieces from AllSaints for fall-winter


The american model, Rachel Cook, joined the celebration of the opening of AllSaints in Artz Pedregal and revealed to us her favourite pieces from the brand.


17 December, 2018

Rachel Cook it is not a model like any other; she is a fan of sharing his life through a channel in YouTube —“(It is difficult) to do so, be in the moment and pull out your camera because it can interfere with life,” commented on vlogging—. The native of Seattle, Washington, is a favorite of Robert Voltaire, the renowned photographer, who has been frozen for several publications around the world. It is considered a fan of Mexico, especially Tulum, and, with the recent opening of AllSaints in Artz Pedregal, Cook visited once more the capital of the country.

Dressed in a cool outfit, miniskirt in snake-print, your go-to favorite —“you can raise it or use it super casual with a T-shirt stamped”—, black sweater, biker jacket with shearling and boots tall black, and at the same time counts as inspiration of the style for the holiday season, Rachel Cook talked exclusively with Grazia and he revealed to us some secrets of her life as a model.

For Cook, who was discovered in a mall when she was only 13 years old, being a model is not always meant success. A year ago, Rachel Cook shared with his followers through their channel of videos that he would retire from the modeling world. However, its safety has returned, “and I can be as I am and if people don’t want to hire me, then that’s fine,” he said. “Everyone can become a model, is a question of wanting to work hard, make yourself known and be yourself —something unique, something real—”.

With little more than two million followers on Instagram, Rachel Cook doesn’t skimp on sharing selfie after selfie, photograph after photograph of her. Clear that to find the angle was not easy; “it All has to do with the light,” he said between laughter.

Traveling is one of her greatest passions she shares with her mom. Both decided to move to a motorhome to tour their country from East to West, North to South. “It has been the best because I can go to a place like this and then come back to my motorhome and just relax and feel the real Rachel, no makeup and as well,” added Cook. “My roadtrip ideal is happening right now, where I do not have any plan about my destination, just go with the flow and end up in amazing places.”

And you may wonder, to a person who loves to be behind the wheel and visit extraordinary places, what is your dream car? “I love old cars. My dad has a Mustang ‘ 69 in the garage, this is the car of my dreams,” he said.

*IMAGES: Salvador Alvarez and Courtesy of AllSaints
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