Rachel Weisz: 10 films before being “The Favorite”

Rachel Weisz is a woman who has gained notoriety in recent years. She’s talented, authentic, genuine, feminist, altruistic, and beautiful.

The actress was born March 7, 1970in London. His father was an inventor, a Hungarian, and his mother, a psychotherapist in vienna, who fled the jewish persecution of the nazis to settle in England.

At 20 years of age, Rachel Weisz began an acting career that would eventually explode in the late 90’s, thanks to his participation in the film The Mummy (1999).

The actress, who is wife of Daniel Craigit won an Oscar for Best supporting Actress for her participation in The Constant Gardener (2005), and this year was nominated again for his performance on the tape The Favorite (2018). Although she didn’t win this award, your paper Sarah Churchill yes the did win the award at the BAFTAS.

In 10.mx we did a review of their career and we bring you a 10 of the best tapes in which Rachel Weisz we have been amazed.

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1. The Mummy (The Mummy, 1999)

With this tape, Rachel Weisz gave a final leap to fame. His success was enormous until there were two tapes, the last because without the actress. Here, he gave life to a egiptóloga that is facing the resurrection of the mummy of an evil egyptian priest who seeks to regain his beloved.


2. Constantine (2005)

Here, Rachel Weisz worked with director Francis Lawrence, this film accompanies a detective of the supernatural who has been in hell played by Keanu Reeves. Garnered criticism very varied, but the box office was a success.


3. The Constant Gardener (The Constant Gardener, 2005)

Rachel plays Tessa Quayle, the wife of a british diplomat, who is murdered along with a man suspected of being her lover. Tessa is a brave woman, mysterious, activist and even unknown to her own husband, Justin. It is one of the great performances of his career and for which he won an Oscar for Best supporting Actress.


4. The Source of Life (The Fountain, 2006)

It is one of the films most controversial Darren Aronofsky’s (ex-partner of Rachel), because some are labeled as a masterpiece and others as a tape pretentious. The actress gives life to Isabel, a woman in love and ill with cancer, whose husband travels back in time to find the tree of life, whose wise provides immortality.


5. Definitely, Maybe (Definitely, Maybe, 2008)

In this tape, Will Hayes is a man in process of divorce, with a daughter. The small wants to know how was your life before you get married and he tells her about three girls, so Maya must guess which of the three is her mother. One of those women is Rachel, who plays Summer.


6. Agora, the Fall of the Roman Empire (2009)

It has one of the characters more intense that has interpreted Rachel Weisz: Hypatia. This philosopher and atheist, fight to save the legendary Library of Alexandria, in which is found all the wisdom of the ancient world.


7. The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

The tape is placed in the post war London, where Weisz is the wife of the judge of the Supreme Court, but to the couple, lives a passionate romance with a former pilot. It is one of his best performances in the romantic drama.


8. The legacy Bourne (The Bourne Legacy, 2012)

In this tape, the agent Aaron Cross is a product of the programme Outcome, which designed and trained agents for high-risk missions. Weisz gives life to the doctor of biochemistry Marta Shearing.


9. Lobster (The Lobster, 2015)

This story is set in a world that is dystopian, in that according to the established rules, singles are sent to a hotel in which they have 45 days to find a partner. If they do not, they are turned into animals and banished. In the tape, Rachel is part of a love is not conventional.


10. Disobedience (Disobedience, 2017)

In this film, Rachel plays Ronit, a photographer raised in a family orthodox jewish, who returns to London with occasion of the death of his father. Suddenly, he begins to show interest for an old childhood friend, but the lesbianism is not well seen in your community.


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