Reveals the true reason for the ban Twitch of the streamer Bridgett and is similar to the Amouranth

bridgett twitch

The streamer Bridgett was banned from Twitch few days ago for unknown reasons. This is not the only ban that has occurred these last days in the streaming platform, as part of the most talked about of them with Amouranth, it has also come to expel a cosplayer of Chun-Li. The case is that these bans on Twitch often are caused by a breach of the conduct of the streamers that violate the rules of the platform.

Bridgett was banned 3 days of Twitch for reasons unknown but it has been she that after reappear after this expulsion has explained that it has been for reasons similar to those of Amouranth, as counted in GamesRant. Apparently, cast out to Bridgett because he was, literally, “involved in content sexually suggestive”according to the platform.

There is also the possibility that the “content sexually suggestive” mentioned concerns the behavior of the viewers in your chat on Twitchwhose theory is the more sense it seems to have. The streamer, for its part, has already announced his return to Twitch using your Twitter account.

Who knows if all this is is a strategy to gain more followers. Of time Bridgett has not gone wrong this ban since has increased in subscribers since it was announced your case.