Rihanna donated 5 M of dollars to help against the coronavirus


The interpreter “Love on the brain” Rihanna, he donated five million us-dollar with a subject to duplicate efforts against the coronavirus and to fight and a bit of the global pandemic.

Up to this point, virtually the entire world is in quarantine, because strong virus is aquejando of humanity.

With a large part of the company, in quarantine, to do this, countless businesses and workers, without doing anything, but waiting, just so we can avoid contagion, the impact on his family.

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The Foundation Clara Lionel Rihanna the one who supports, to support the millionaire, the efforts against the COVID-19with this money, apoyano is:

“partners on the site are working to protect in the first line of disaster relief, in particular those that are focused and serve to help marginalized communities, most vulnerable population groups in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa to prepare for what is to come”.

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The financing by Direct Relief, Partners In Health, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee, the Fund for the response to the solidarity COVID-19 the world health organization and others.


Rihanna is not the only celebrity to assist you to combat by large sums of money, either one way or the other on this pandemic sum in addition Ryan Reynolds together with his wife Blake Lively and also fashion designer Christian Siriano in turn, promised it covers the lips and make a donation for the staff in hospitals.

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Any effort is a great support, both for those you bring your capital those who distribute and manage for you to fulfill your task.

The money is boards, testing, training of employees in the health, the prevention of viruses and distribution of the relief goods of the respiratory tract is known.

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