Rihanna returns to the music scene with the song “Believe It”

The surprise release this Friday of “Believe It”, the collaboration of Rihanna for the rapper and vocalist of R&B, party Nextdoor, has significance on the recurring musical diva from Barbados, after a three years pause music and again to feed the expectations of fans in terms of his long-awaited ninth disc.

“You will be less of us”, subscribe to one of the many feedbacks after the release of Rihanna, which will be limited in your profile of Instagram of this song, on the you for your participation in a quasi-chorus and choirs and, in reality, part of the “party mobile”, the album was released today and, due to their random companions of adventure party Nextdoor.

He was also, party Nextdoor, one of the authors of the last song, released on the market with the voice of Rihanna, the hit “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khalid. Released in June 2017, ended as one of the subjects belongs to this year, and reached number 2 in the United States of America.

Driving back, however, a further twelve months to find up to 2016, that is the disk is not the latest name, the “ANTI -“, it is the largest shopping center is maybe, but probably the best known, so far from your audience and by the critics thanks to hits like “Work”, “Needed Me”, “Kiss It Better” or “Love on the Brain”.

Produced by Jeff Bhasker, Boi-1da, DJ Mustard and Hit-Boy, among many others, was the result of a very long process of search and recording of more than two years, the largest until then in his career, resulted in a sound that is less connected to the music, dance and more in the direction of black music and its roots in the Caribbean, with a strong presence of the “dancehall”.

For the purposes of the information published up to the time when the touch of the Jamaican again, the protagonist of “R9”, the working title, as the ninth disc of Rihanna, waiting for their official name. It was in the year 2018, when they self-confirmed for the first time, that new hard drive would be could, as suspected, it is a work, the double built-in hard drive, more pop, and is sure to be a more experimental roots, starting from your Caribbean.

“I like it as a disc-inspired by reggae. It will not be: reggae as we know it, but there are elements for all the cuts is in my blood, no matter how far I was from that culture or the environment in which I grew up. Leave me never leave me, and although I explored other styles, it’s time to return again,” said Rihanna in a recent interview with Vogue.

But “R9” is not never came. Too busy, between all its facets as an entrepreneur and artist, music artists, female richest in the world, according to Forbes, said 2019 in the magazine “Interview” his intention to overturn last summer-closing-finally in the studio recording her new album. To listen “am I to cast my ninth album and negándome”, wrote in January about their networks in a message that accompanies the dancing in the video, a dog.

Since then not only have to overcome photos in the study, together with producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo-known as The Neptunes.

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