Sabrina Sato e Duda Nagle melt together with Zoe in the video was cute: “in any case, all of the transferred to us.”

Sabrina Sato shares a video of Zoe talking about the word that you like and drool for the animation of a daughter

Zoe it always blows up in the fofurômetro on the web, right?

At this time, a little aninho especially those of the popes in the world, Sabrina Sato and Duda Nagle!

In the night of Thursday, 25., the host shared a video of a super sweet in your profile on Instagram in which her daughter appears, speak the word you like the most.

“Hey! Hey! It is a word that is Missing, the more he speaks and the animation is definitely transferred to all of us.”the cat wrote in the legend.

At the time of publication, this little girl is not so to speak “live” and it vibrates, very, very, very excited, with their parents, while in quarantine.

The people of the mother were thrilled, so beautiful. “Viva, this is pure joy!”said Juliana Paes. “Pretty máximaaaaa”wrote Alessandra Ambrosio. “She is the one all love it!!! You can stay with your parents.”comments Wagner Santisteban. “Here the joy like a little angel!”said It Was Published.

Sabrina Sato e Duda Nagle snoring by Zoe talking about the word that you like the most

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