Selena Gomez loves the silver, and you?: wearing this fashion-metal-learn-with-style

The color silver is back in fashion this spring, 2019-2020, and the famous, like Selena Gomez, the appearance drastically. Check out these tips and you’ll be a celebrity more than just Shine with this metallic.

In the spring-summer season 2019/2020, the color silver has an important place: in versions of classic and vibrant, in the ashes, Alpaca or the brightness of the aluminum.

It is a sound versatile can be used both day as well as to go at night, work with a suit and a silver matte color, or up to leave, and you show a detail of more modern with a platinum-plated. The singer Selena Gomez what loves.

The mix with other shades is one of the points that you presented, silver. Is excellent to combine with neutrals such as black, grey or white. Although the new proposal, with options alive, such as fuchsia, Apple green, orange, or yellow.

The pendants, purses or shoes you are to integrate the alternative, a fashionable detail in silver and a group in their entirety.

Such as silver to show, without looking like a trophy?

In relation to your symbolismthe silver refers to the feminine, tranquility, softness and you realize that the woman is elegant and glamorous. The luminaires of each type of skin. The silver plated more fit well in the skin whitening or with a tendency to pink. The tend to be the gold or with a mixture of brown harmonized with the trigueños.

Remember that the whole range of metallic creates a focus. Therefore, the use in this area of the body should, we wanted to emphasize. Done, you’re a model of the silver!