Selena Gomez striped proud of your curves in a beautiful dress, perfect for spring

It comes the spring and with a little luck and care from our side, we will continue to enjoy free. Selena Gomezsymbol of current fashion, you can costume for a tip.

The singer was photographed as a beautiful dress with horizontal stripes in the colors of black and orange, recessed every curve in your body the natural. What is combined with a jacket, the same colors, but with the stripes in the vertical, the effect is very cool and the outfit in General.

Selena sandals used low-white color, wherein the color contrast with the dress.

Also, the actress received some praise in the social networks to your outfit, with the only accessory, decided: a bag with white highlighted, in comparison to the other parts.

Since it will be his last album, Rare, Selena Gomez remained, outside of the cameras, which is also about the quarantine, which by the coronavirus on the side of their family, and are preparing a new tour of the singer, brings it to be in the vicinity of millions of fans around the world.

Pandemic coronavirus has delayed several projects that will hopefully see soon-to-be Selena on the stage.

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