Selena Gomez took a fit of panic, to sing before the song that he is Justin Bieber

‘It is one of those songs where I feel that out there, I hope that the girls and the men can feel around the world, supports. This is a feeling that all felt. The it was something that I needed to do for myself, no matter what would come after‘added Sel.

Considering the great emotional weight of this issue is so personal to you, and you had in the last two years, since the last time she sang in an award ceremony, we entener why Selena Gomez had a átaque panic, to sing before the song that he is Justin Bieber (for the first time live in front of an audience).


‘Selena had decided to have a panic attack in front of her appearance, but finally, before you go and actsr anyway. She had checked and was excited to get back on the stage, but before, it was nervous, in short, because a long time had passed. Taylor knew what Selena was up to him and offered him their support in the run-up to and during the performance. Taylor was very proud of Selena. Not to let that influence the rest of the night and went very well on the show,” revealed a source to US Weekly.