Singer Paula Fernandes to depression and suicide attempts

The singer is a country, Paula Fernandes,a 34-has opened a-year, in the heart of the programme, the coverage of the globe, where he spoke about his battle with depression.

The Brazilian artist also confessed that it came to try to kill himself and is rescued by her mother.

“I took the window. I went to the jump, because it was in the making. It is as if you don’t enxergasses a short distance in front of him. Desistes of the whole. All you can see is the possibility, and with regard to nothing. I thought I had on the side of the losers. My mother has despaired of himself, and afraid to make a sharp move and jump a. I hugged my mother. I, I’ll never forget this moment. It was my mother who saved me. She said she was not to hold and that’s about it. It was a moment in which I asked you, and it made me wonder: “If you jump, I jump, because I can’t be with you’. My mother was critical,” said with emotion.

Paula Fernandes revealed that his depression came when he was 16 years old, with symptoms such as increased heart rate and shortness of breath.