Skydiving: Kinsey Wolanski, the espontnea ms polmica, suffers a skydiving accident


Skydiving The controversial model grab the time of the jump and the accident

Kinsey Wolanski, the streaker ms polmica, suffers a skydiving accident

Kinsey Wolanski the espontnea that gener million euros jumping to the csped of the Wanda Metropolitan in the Final of the Champions League between Liverpool and Tottenham with a baador various sizes ms small (specialty), ), is he has broken the ankle in a skydiving accident… that has recorded on video and shared on Instagram.

The intrahistory of the espontnea that ‘invadi’ the final of the Champions league: camouflage and output comisara

“For all those wondering how I romp the ankle… it Was a very windy doing skydiving and ca from approximately six meters above my ankle”, wrote Kinsey Wolanski on Instagram.

Kinsey Wolanski, a ‘streaker’ of the Champions league to impromptu gymnast urban