Status delivery list of petitions to Unison and the Board’s Work | the TRIBUNE

Hermosillo, Sonora.-The Workers ‘ trade Union of Academics of the University of Sonora (Status)presented on way official the authorities of the university and labor, the document associated with the list of petitions for the present year, where they ask a 10 percent wage increase.

Sergio Barraza Felix, leader of the university teachers, noted that with the delivery of the statement of petitions, prior to the integration of the negotiating committees for the union and university authorities, give rise to the revision process of the Collective bargaining agreement, as of 2020, which is already deposited with the Local board’s Work.

He added that among the main demands of labor, is the wage increase in a 10 percent, as well as the improvement in terms of performance to the pantry, housing, medical services in Isssteson and leveling of the academic load.


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