Taylor Swift mentioned Scooter Braun, in his speech on the event of the Billboard charts

Taylor Swift she was awarded with a special prize during the 14° annual meeting of the Billboard Women in Musicwhere you decided to mention the platform that the current dispute with Scooter Braun.

In the night of Thursday the honor to Swift, the the first woman of the decadeyou give a mention of thanks to the speech of 15 minutes, in the sexism, institutionalized along his career.

“The definition of male privilege is toxic in our industry, that people say, ‘But it has always been friendly to me, when I think about concerns valid, about the artists, to have their rights, his music,” said Swift.

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Of course, it is good to you. If you have in this room is something you need

Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish between artists have been recognized, in the event that celebrated the achievements of the best artists and performers in the music industry.


Rosalie and Megan Thee Stallion, those were also excellent, occurred during the live show.

With information from AP